Koonawarra Public School

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Telephone02 4261 2880


Koonawarra Public School Preschool Information

All About Preschool


Principal: Mrs Jacqueline Murphy-Cann

Preschool teachers: Mrs Carol Williams (Group 1) & Ms Anna Grice (Group 2)

Preschool assistants: Wendy Zonneveld, Elisha Bell

Preschool Hours


Preschool Telephone NumberĀ 


Preschool Fees

We ask that payments are at least a week in advance.

Fees need to be paid even if your child is sick or on holidays.

Fees are $55 per fortnight. There is an allowance for a concession fee to be charged if a parent is the holder of a current Concession Card.

What your child will need.

  • A change of clothes, particulary underwear.
  • Warm clothing
  • A painting shirt
  • An easy to open school bag
  • Suitable footwear, please NO THONGS.
  • A sandwich for lunch, snacks to follow. PLEASE NO CHIPS OR SUGARY SNACKS.
  • A piece of fruit to share for morning tea.